At this time, Blackface Makeup Artistry is a one woman operation and Alia Moore is that woman.

Alia is a Seattle native and Little Rock, Arkansas resident who describes herself as a makeup enthusiast. Her passion for the beauty industry led her to complete training through the Barbizon School in 2004 and strive towards learning new beauty techniques for her own benefit. Because of her skill and knack for transformation, friends and family alike began to clamor for her attention ultimately leading her to aspire towards makeup artistry.

Alia Moore currently holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in Psychology and Professional & Technical Writing.

Why choose the name Blackface Makeup Artistry?

The answer is truly surprising! The name Blackface Makeup Artistry is a pun. I am, in fact, a proud African-American makeup artist loving the skin I’m in. Embrace your face! I chose this name because it seemed like, especially in 2013-14, a lot of people wanted to “play black,” but didn’t want to be black. All women, regardless and especially because of differences in skin tone, are beautiful! (More on the name here)